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CNC Milling

CNC MillingFrom small batches to high volume production quantities, Boyer Machine & Tool Co., Inc. custom manufactures industrial parts with advanced CNC horizontal, vertical and 5-Axis machining centers. By minimizing manual operations that lead to poor quality, the 30-80 tool magazine, multi-pallet CNC milling machines give our process the flexibility to manufacture complex parts at a single source. We exceed customer quality expectations by following rigorous “first-part inspection” procedures and documented Statistical Process Control measures.

In a streamlined 100% CNC Milling facility, our expert machinists use hi-tech graphical interfaces and controllers for complete control of the production process. The versatile 30 HP and 20,000 rpm spindles can accommodate both heavy-duty cutting and precision drilling operations. With a machining envelope of up to X-30″, Y-22″, Z-25″, Boyer Machine & Tool typically custom manufactures:

  • Medical devices
  • Satellite battery components
  • Fuel system components
  • Thermostat components
  • Power tool components

CNC Milling Highlights

CNC Milling Equipment

(2) Mazak Nexus 4000 II (22.05″ x 24.80″ x 25.2″ travel, 80 tool magazine)
(1) Mazak PFH 4800 (22.05″ x 24.80″ x 23.62″ travel, 80 tool magazine)
(1) Mazak Nexus 410A (30″ x 19.25″ x 20″ travel, 30 tool magazine)
(1) Mazak VTC-160A (22″ x 16″ x 25″ travel, 30 tool magazine)

(1) OKK VM5ll (22″ x 13.7″ x 19.1″ travel, 30 tool magazine)
(1) Brother TC-S2C (19.7″ x 15.7″ x 11.8″ travel, 14 Tool Magazine)
(1) Haas VF1 (20.25″ X 20″ X 15.7″ travel, 20 Tool Magazine)
(1) DMG Mori DMU50

Milling Accessories

(1) Cushman Indexing Unit With Automatic Controls
(1) Dividing Head (12″)
(1) Hass NC Rotary Collet Fixture-Interfaced to CNC Control
(1) Hass NC Rotary Table (12″)-Interface to CNC Control

(1) News Indexing Fixture
(1) Troyke Rotary Table (15″)
(2) Dividing Head (6″)
Nikken 5AX 120 5th Axis NC Rotary Table


Positioning: +/-0.00012″
Repeatability: +/-0.00004″