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CNC Turning

CNC Turning

Boyer Machine & Tool Co., Inc.’s investment in an all-CNC turning process offers our customers a high-quality source for custom precision parts, such as check valves, nozzles, connectors, and spacers. We are capable of fabricating high volume orders and low volume quantities. Our precision lathes can handle parts with up to 24″ diameters.

The Boyer CNC equipment includes 72 tool magazine turning centers, each with two lathe spindles and one milling spindle. This one-setup multi-spindle manufacturing advantage eliminates the need for costly secondary operations, such as boring, tapping, off-center drilling, and angular milling.


 We maintain both speed and accuracy by using sophisticated controllers, auto-load bar feed systems, and quick tool changes. Production costs are further reduced by following rigorous “first-part inspections” and Statistical Process Control measures that reduce scrap and ensure our industry leading quality standards.

CNC Turning Highlights

CNC Turning Equipment

(1) Mazak Integrex i-200ST
(1) Mazak Integrex i-100ST
(1) Mazak Integrex 200 IV ST
(1) Mazak Hyper Quadrex 200SYE

(1) Mazak Quick Turn 18 MS-Y
(2) DMG Mori NTX 1000
(4) OmniTurn GT-75
(6) Hardinge Conquest GTSP


Positioning Accuracy: +/-0.0001
Repeatability: +/-0.0005″